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Bee Hive Candle Bee Hive Candle
The bees are buzzing around this cute beehive.  Get it plain or with glittered bees. 3.5"…
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Art Round Pillar Candle Art Round Pillar Candle
Looks like the fairies of the Glen have been at it again!  Now they have touched our Round Pill…
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Black Cat Candle Black Cat Candle
Bast, our elegant Black Cat candle will reign in any location.  Available with glittered collar…
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Buddha Candle Buddha Candle
Our Buddha will bring peace to your environment, just one look at him and a smile brightens your fac…
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Celestial Candle Celestial Candle
Our Celestial Candle is available with a candle color and fragrance of your choice.  You may al…
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Econo Pillar Econo Pillar
This long burning soy blend pillar burns nicely down the center and is available in assorted colors.…
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Holiday Tree Candle Holiday Tree Candle
Our Holiday Tree candle has glitter-painted ornaments and adds a delightful touch to your holiday se…
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Chunky Star Candle Chunky Star Candle
Our chunky star candle is made with large chunks of colored wax.  There are several color schem…
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Corn On The Cob Candle Corn On The Cob Candle
This candle is perfect for Thanksgiving or any other time of the year.  Choose from natural whi…
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Crab Apple Candles Crab Apple Candles
These candles make great cake toppers or place card holders.  Green Apple scented.  Pack o…
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Celtic Oval Celtic Oval
Wonderfully scented, let these candles take you away on a Celtic journey. Double wick oval candles …
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Cup of Scents Candle Cup of Scents Candle
Unique Coffee cups filled with soy blend candles mildly scented.  Choose from Red Latte Cu…
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Desert Sage Candle Desert Sage Candle
Multi-colored tall pyramid candle filled with rubbed Dalmatian Sage, scented with Egyptian Musk. 9&…
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Dog Candle Dog Candle
Cute dog candle comes in gold wax with a green glitter collar. 3" Tall x 2" Diameter.…
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Dome Candle Dome Candle
Available in all colors & scents, this candle burns nicely. 7" Tall *Scent/Color = Go to …
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Double Wick Block Candle Double Wick Block Candle
Have twice the light with our Double Wick candle.  Colors shown are Ivy Green, Blue Ice, Violet…
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Dragon Candle Dragon Candle
Beautiful dragon-shaped candle.  Shown in purple with glitter accents.  Choose from any co…
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Floating Votive Candles Floating Votive Candles
Pack of 6 Floating Votive Candles which are made of clean-burning soy blended wax.  Colors show…
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Egg Candle Egg Candle
This lovely Egg candle can be made in a variety of colors.  The colors shown are Sage Green, Iv…
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Egyptian Star Candle Egyptian Star Candle
Pyramid candle with Star Anise embedded within, Rehan scent.…
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Forest Pine Cone Candle Forest Pine Cone Candle
Forest pine scent.  3.5" Tall…
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Four-Sided Pyramid Four-Sided Pyramid
The Glen now offers a gorgeous 4 sided pyramid in a blend of fragrances and colors! Gold, Blue, Gree…
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Four-Wick Pillar Candle Four-Wick Pillar Candle
 These lovely candles are Hand Crafted, unlike machine made candles, No Two Are Exactly Alike! …
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Fruity Delight Candle Fruity Delight Candle
These adorable candles are filled with wax embeds and corresponding fragrance.  Choose from Bla…
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Ginger Cream Swirl Candle Ginger Cream Swirl Candle
Caramel & White Candle Gingerbread-Vanilla Scent 3" Round Ball…
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Hand-Dipped Taper Candles Hand-Dipped Taper Candles
A pair of 7 inch hand dipped taper candles.  Each candle burns approximately 45 minutes.…
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Heart Candle Heart Candle
Heart-Shaped Candle Small - 4" Diameter x 3" Tall. Large - 5" Diameter X 3.5&q…
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Cinnamon Bay Candles Cinnamon Bay Candles
A superior candle trimmed with real cinnamon sticks and bay leaves!  Each candle contains oils …
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Cube Candle Cube Candle
A simple yet beautiful candle, available in any color and fragrance. This candle is also available i…
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The Elements Candle Set The Elements Candle Set
The Glen honors the elements with these attractive symbols of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. A …
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Bayleaf Candle Bayleaf Candle
A candle with bay leaves embedded in the wax. (Bayberry Scent) The warning labels indicate bur…
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Coffee Bean Candle Coffee Bean Candle
A candle with coffee beans embedded in the outer layer of wax.   Candle fragrance sel…
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Star Anise Candle Star Anise Candle
A candle with star anise embedded in the wax. (Rehan Scent) The warning labels indicate burning for…
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Seascape Candle Seascape Candle
A candle with embedded wax sea horses, fish, and dolphins in the wax. (Ocean Scent) The warning lab…
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Fairy Mushroom Candle Fairy Mushroom Candle
Our wonderful Fairy Mushroom candles are perfect for any decor. Colors Shown: Grassy Green, Pink She…
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Fairy Pillar Candle Fairy Pillar Candle
Fairy Pillars are made in no "set" way, just like the Fairies do,  Anything Goes! &n…
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Irish Fairy Pillar Candle Irish Fairy Pillar Candle
An Irish inspired Fairy Pillar Candle.   Regular: 2.5" Tall x 2" Diameter …
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Flame Candle Flame Candle
This gorgeous Flame candle is a blend of yellow, orange and red colors. We display two here to show …
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Hexagon Candle Hexagon Candle
Our Hexagon Candle is available in a variety of colors and scents.  Please note colors shown ar…
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Hexagon Taper Candle Hexagon Taper Candle
These lovely unscented hexagonal tapers out shine them all!  Made with The Glen's special b…
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