We Love You So Much...You Are With Us Forever!

We lost our Spooky cat today (August 19, 2005). Long story short, he had cancer in his face and x-rays showed half of his face was missing, literally eaten away by the disease. He showed no signs of pain, but was unable to eat for the past few days and undoubtedly was very uncomfortable. That is the thing about animals, they are such troopers when it comes to dealing with pain.

So while he was still under the anesthesia I raced to the animal hospital to be with him during the process of euthanasia. His wonderful doctor who was almost in tears herself, placed him in towels in a exam room with the lights low so Stan could come across town from work to be with him before he was taken away for cremation. When they called us to receive his ashes we brought him back home and created a memorial to him.

We already miss him terribly, but so glad we decided to end his suffering before it worsened. I am going to frame his best photo with his collar and a patch of hair that was on the towel in memory of his awesome presence in our life. Girlfriend will miss him enormously too.

We know he is at the Rainbow Bridge eating all of the tuna he wants right now, happy and suffering no more.