Always in Our Hearts, We Love You Girlfriend!

Girlfriend passed over to the RainBow Bridge yesterday (July 15, 2008), and now is with her Beloved Boyfriend - Spooky Cat who she missed so very much.

Nearly 14, Girlfriend developed severe arthritis and in her last couple of days her aged body was no longer able to walk well, process food, nor keep it down. Knowing how animals hide their pain, I suspected she was having more difficulty than we knew and coming to the point of no quality of life. I could not let her suffer and had no choice that I could see to save her, so I took her to the vet for euthanasia and peacefully released her to her best friend, Spooky. Her Ashes, Collar and Photo will be placed in the same case with Spooky. (Photo Updates soon!)

I believe their spirits are still with us and we feel their presence at many times. We love you cats!